A Donegal island adventure awaits the right investor who buys Gola Island property

The potential of the Gola Island property lies in the hands of those who buy it

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin



A Donegal island adventure awaits the right investor who buys Gola Island property

This island property could be the answer you’ve been searching for if you are one of those people who dream of having an island getaway but feel it is beyond your means.
Gola Island is a picturesque island that lies off the coast of the Gaoth Dobhair Gaeltacht.
This year, the island proved exceptionally popular with people coming to and from the island on the local ferry which leaves from Machair Gathlán pier.

Discovered beauty
People can travel from the pier to the island in around ten minutes and there is always plenty of banter and goodwill on the boat as you stream across the rising blue Atlantic to the island.
Other islands that you can visit via ferry are Tory, Arranmore.
Gola island is everything that you would expect, and much more.
Due to the current pandemic an increased number of people spent their holidays in Ireland, and in that regard, more people ventured to Donegal and discovered the beauty of the county and all it has to offer. The weather was exceptional and the island was showcased in warm summer weather allowing it the stage it so richly deserves.

Climbers and photographers

Those who went to the island enjoyed their picnics in the sun. The island has a special place in the heart of walkers and climbers who travel to the island in their droves to enjoy the isolation and surroundings.
Photographers also flocked to the island. Nature lovers and bird watchers also took the opportunity, some for the first time, to acquaint themselves with the island. Surrounded by the sea, it is an ideal location for fishermen who want to stand at the pier or on the island rocks and fish.
Indeed the coast of the island is surrounded with sea food for those who enjoy to cook in the evening time.

Friendly people who share a rich heritage

Many people from the mainland in Gaoth Dobhair have homes on the island and these homes remain part of their proud heritage.
During good weather, doors are open and people gather to eat together and enjoy the evening drawing to a close.
Those affiliated with the island are welcoming and friendly and will be more than happy to spend time with you and perhaps even teach you a cúpla focal when you meet them.
This island property comes on the market from local auctioneer, Eamonn MacGiolla Bhríghde who is local to the area and is very familiar with local properties.
He has spent his life working as an auctioneer and is very well-known and respected.


This island property is unique in so far as it comes with approximately 4.5 acres of land.
The two-storey traditional home is one that requires some love and attention but coming with a price tag of €95,000 you would expect that some work is needed to be done.
This island home is the ideal home for someone who wants the opportunity to shape their own island home - to put their own stamp on it.
Over the years, people have become acquainted with TV shows where people fix and reconstruct older homes. If you are one of these people - this may be your dream come true.
There are local tradespeople on the mainland who are familiar with working on island homes so if you feel that the job is one that you would not have the time to do yourself there are solutions available to you.

Residencies for artists

There are a number of outhouses on the land beside the home which could be converted into sanctuaries for writers or artists.
Many places throughout the world offer residencies to writers and artists in areas where there is peace and solitude.
One of the outhouses still has the original staircase running up outside the home. This is an original feature that has almost disappeared on the mainland.
The area is one that boasts many famous musicians, writers and poets. Many of those work primarily through the medium of the Irish language.
The property could also be converted into B&Bs as many people enjoy spending days discovering the island. The potential of this island home has yet to be realised as with many island homes, and with the popularity of the islands increasing could prove to be an investment for the right person. 

Further information
If you are interested in this property and if you require further information, please call Eamonn MacGiolla Bhríghde at his Gaoth Dobhair office on (074) 95 31666.
You can also check out this property on his website at https://mcbrideauctioneers.