HAIR COLUMN: Maybe the time has come to get the scissors out!

Mother's Day is fast approaching - and there are loads of ideas for suitable gifts

Fionnuala McGovern of Arroo Hair Salon


Fionnuala McGovern of Arroo Hair Salon


Hair column

Some of my go-to products at the moment

Hello Donegal and beyond . .
Well it’s going to be another month at least before the salons are open. It’s hard to know what to advise. I'm sure those fringes are driving you mad. I think there is nothing for it but to get the scissors out.
Always stay a bit lower than you want. Never hold down your fringe whilst cutting, just comb into place and think of a semi circle shape.
Take it slow. If any of you need any help or advice , I'd love to hear from you.
If you need any products from your salon, I'm sure you can contact them personally.
I know with Mother's Day coming up there are lots of wonderful hair masks , volumisers, shampoo sets, leave in conditioners etc to be purchased.
Arroo has a new product to use while leaving your hair dry naturally called Zero Heat. We also stock GHD straighteners.
Vouchers are very easy to get as they can be posted near and wide.
I hope you are all keeping well. I myself am at the online learning.I am doing a colour course and I am loving it.
It’s a little overwhelming when you think how much of it is out there. You can learn anything from knitting, cooking, gardening, or even learn a language.
YouTube is unbelievable. There is a lot of funny stuff on there as well.
My latest thing is to look up stand-up comedians, just to get a laugh. Jim Owen is a good one. Tommy Tiernan never fails either.
Anyway try and get out for a walk and I'll chat to you next week.

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