Scam Alert

Scam Alert: Gardaí warn bank customers of new text scam that is doing the rounds

Gardaí warn people to never click on 'the link' in certain text messages

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


BEWARE: Donegal gardaí issue scam alert

BEWARE: Donegal gardaí issue scam alert

Gardaí are warning people not to click on a link in a text message that claims to be from the Bank of Ireland notifying them that their card has been skimmed.  

The text message leads people to believe that their bank card has been skimmed and has now been deactivated by their bank. 

The text message will further advice the person that they should click on a link provided in order to request a new bank card and supply their PIN, phone and card number.

Instructions are given in the text message in relation to returning the card to the bank, to a specified address after you have cut your card up, in specific manner as explained by them. 

Once these details have been obtained by the fraudster they can then make withdrawals from your account and make online purchases. 

Gardaí are advising people to 'never, ever' click on the link in the text message which claims to be from the bank. 

Gardaí reiterate the warning that you never should give your PIN number or personal banking information to anyone via electronic means. 

Gardaí state that people would best delete the text message should they receive it.