311 drivers disqualified in Donegal in 2019

Figures show more than 500 banned in three north west counties

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Staff Reporter



311 drivers disqualified in Donegal in 2018

311 motorists were disqualified from driving in Donegal in 2019 according to new figures released by the Department of Transport under the Freedom of Information Act.

The figures for each county are collated when those banned by a court and those disqualified when they exceed penalty points are combined. In Donegal 29 of those disqualified were as a result of penalty points while the bulk of the figure, 282, resulted from court hearings and convictions.

In Sligo, 99 drivers were disqualified in court and 29 via penalty points. 67 drivers in Leitrim came through the courts and 8 more via points.

For driving with excess alcohol, 16 drivers in Donegal were disqualified, 10 in Sligo and five in Leitrim.