Several Donegal roads blocked by fallen trees as Storm Aiden wreaks havoc across the county

Please let us know of any roads blocked where you are so we can share it with our readers

Siobhan McNamara


Siobhan McNamara



Storm Aiden wreaking havoc across Donegal

Reports are coming in to of a number of roads blocked as a result of damage caused by Storm Aiden.

One of the most concerning reports is of steel fencing completely blocking the road between Leitirmacaward and Dungloe.

On the Glenties road from Frosses, a tree is lying most of the way across the road. Local reports are that one lane is completely blocked and the other is partially blocked but is passable with caution. The best advice is to avoid the area until the road has been cleared.

There are also reports of branches lying across the Ballyshannon to Belleek road, and of flooding in the same area.

And in the Breena area between Letterkenny and Fintown, several fallen trees are partially blocking the road.

Motorists are urged to be particularly careful as night falls, and to drive with extreme caution.

As the storm continues, there is a lot of flash flooding, fallen trees, branches, debris, build-ups of leaves, and other hazards on the county's roads.

Please let us know of any storm damage in your area so that we can pass the information on to our readers.