Passing the Driving Test in Ireland

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Passing the Driving Test in Ireland

Passing the driving test in Ireland may seem straightforward, however with the national average pass rate standing at only 53.35%, there's still a lot to learn about how to pass the driving test first time.

Ideally, when you begin to learn how to drive, do so under a qualified approved driving instructor in order to prevent bad habits rather than ironing them put at a later stage. There are lots of DVDs and books on how to improve your driving, but there's no replacement for hands on experience with the safety of an instructor. Make sure to do your research before choosing an instructor, check reviews and ask around as they can vary in competency.

Some useful tips and tricks for passing your driving test include, being wary or nerves as they can hinder your concentration, arrive early so you're not rushing, ensure your car and all the lights are in good working order, make sure your learner permit, tax and insurance are all in date and when you're out on the road for the 30 to 35 minute test stay focused.

During the driving test you will be examined on the rules of the road, demonstrating hand signals, reversing around a corner, a turnabout and a hill start. You will be graded on road positioning, overtaking and passing, anticipation and observation, use of mirrors and signals, progressing speed, traffic light compliance and use of vehicle controls.

It's also important to note that you know your car both inside and out. The driving test not only examines your aptitude on the road but also the technical checks include questions about the major systems under the bonnet such as oil, coolant and brake fluid.

Most importantly remain calm, maintain proper control and awareness and take proper precautions. With adequate preparation, sufficient driving lessons and following simple rules for learning how to drive, there's no reason you won't pass your driving test.

The Road Safety Authority website provides invaluable information on everything from how to approved drivers, helpful advice on how to pass the driving test. There’s also a number of books and dvds on how to pass your driving test available.

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