Why was Donegal Town Covid-19 test centre closed at the weekend?

Michael McHugh


Michael McHugh

What was Donegal Town Covid-19 test centre closed at the weekend?

The Cleary Centre in Donegal Town has been transformed into a temporary Covid-19 test centre

The HSE have told the Donegallive.ie that the reason why the Donegal Town Covid-19 test centre, located at the Cleary Centre, was closed over the weekend, was because it was simply not required for current demand.

They also confirmed that no south Donegal residents were being asked to go to Sligo to get tested, following the introduction of level three restrictions in Donegal, at the end of September.

A spokesperson told the paper:
"A weekend service in two test centres is currently not required based on current demand.
Donegal operates two test centres, one five days per week and the other seven days per week, which provides ample capacity for current demand. 
"It is evidenced that the demand reduces significantly over the weekend and therefore all referrals are directed to one test centre (Letterkenny) for this time period.
“This is continually reviewed by the HSE.  While some residents in south Donegal had been tested in Sligo in the past, "Donegal residents are currently tested in Donegal".

As to people not arriving for tests at the designated times, the HSE explained that "there can be DNA (did not attend) across sites, but the figures are relatively low in Donegal".
"If someone does not attend they are put on a follow up list and will be contacted by the HSE to establish the reason.
"Regarding those not turning up for a 2nd test if deemed a close contact as required if found negative the first test, the majority of those not turning up for a test fall into this category.
"Currently capacity to test exceeds the demand for testing across Donegal therefore there are currently no issues," the HSE concluded.