Pringle’s Fossil Fuel Divestment Act shortlisted for European award

Global signal to other countries that fossil fuels have no future

Connie Duffy


Connie Duffy


Independent TD Thomas Pringle’s successful Fossil Fuel Divestment Act passed with unanimous Dáil support in January earlier this year, has been shortlisted for the Innovation in Politics Awards 2019. The Act is being considered for an award under the heading Ecology alongside nine other finalists in that category.

“I’m delighted my Act has been nominated from a pool of over 400 projects submitted to a Europe-wide jury of 1,067 citizens. Now as one of the 80 finalists chosen I look forward to meeting with the finalists in Berlin on December 4 and meet with others who are breaking ground in their own area.

“It’s a great achievement as an opposition TD to have your work recognised as something which demonstrates breaking new ground politically and if awarded would be used to showcase it as an example of best practice to others. The Act has become a global signal to other countries that fossil fuels have no future if we are serious about climate action and that those most responsible – fossil fuel companies and politicians – must act as they have the power to do so.

“So much work went into the Act with people from Trocaire, the Global Divestment Campaign and campaign activists supporting its progress through the Dáil and putting pressure on the Government to finally vote it through. It’s also a testament to the success accrued in new politics despite criticism of the current arrangement and proves that Independents can legislate and are capable of being legislatures of change," said the Killybegs man.

He added: “I look forward to the outcome of the awards and hope that my Act continues to inspire the global divestment campaign as well as climate activists until governments across the world urgently respond to the pressing threats of climate change.”