VIDEO: Large queue forms for the reopening of Primark store

Big day for retail sector in the North as stores reopen - and some Donegal shoppers make the trip

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

This was the queue this morning at 5.30 am outside the Primark store in Derry's city centre.

It shows how keen shoppers are to get back into some of their favourite stores as the retail sector reopened in the North after four months in lockdown.

Primark stories in the Republic trade under the Penneys' name.

No doubt when the Penneys store in Letterkenny reopens in the weeks ahead there will be big queues - as there were when it reopened following the first lockdown last year.

Many of the premises that reopened in Derry and other areas close to the Donegal border reported big sales, and they were certainly boosted by some cross-border shoppers.