Gardai warning of the dangers of mini-motorised vehicles

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Staff Reporter


Gardai warning of the dangers of mini-motorised vehicles

Gardaí are warning of the dangers of motorised toys. Alongside the RSA, they are launching an awareness campaign to urge parents to think twice before buying their child a mini-motorbike or quad.

As the use of these toys is becoming such a safety issue, the RSA Chief Executive Moyagh Murdock is warning parents of the potential dangers saying "What we are trying to do is raise awareness of a serious road safety issue.

“Mini motorised vehicles are again becoming a popular present to give to children and although they might seem like a bit of fun, they are not toys, they are in fact powerful machines, which have killed and seriously injured children who use them.”

Typical injuries include fractures and head injuries, however, there has been a number of fatalities in recent years due to incidents with these high-powered vehicles and concern is growing over their safety.

Legally termed 'mechanically propelled vehicles', it is against the law to supply the use of motorised quads and bikes to anyone under the age of 16 in a public place and to sell or supply one to a minor.

Ms. Murdock concluded by saying that "under no circumstances should a child be riding these vehicles as they simply do not have the skills, the strength or the reaction speed to be able to handle motorised vehicles.”

For a rider to use a mini motorised vehicle in a public place, they must:

• Be over the age of 16

• Wear a helmet

• Hold a valid driving licence

• Hold third party insurance

• Hold the appropriate motor tax certificate