Motorists warned of dangers of leaving car running to warm it up on cold mornings

Thieves are targeting cars left running in driveways

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


Mind the frost this morning in Leitrim

Gardaí warn that thieves are targeting cars left running in driveways

Gardai have warned of the dangers of leaving cars unattended in driveways with the engines running on frosty mornings.

A Garda spokesperson said: "Beware of starting your car in the morning to defrost it and leaving it unattended.

"Every year thieves are out and about looking for easy targets so do not make it a happy Christmas for them and a sad one for you.

"Stay with your car and do not take any chances particularly in built up areas."

A number of cars have been stolen from driveways in the past. 

Gardai said that householders need to be vigilant of criminals targeting homes in this way.